Stihl World Timbersports Championship

01 Nov 2018 10:03

Timbersports World Champions stay at Pitlands Farm Holidays

For the first time, the Stihl World Tibersports Championships were held in Britain at the Echo Arena, Liverpool.  We had the privilege of hosting teams Australia, New Zealand and USA, plus film crew, whilst they trained for the big event.  We are used to multiple bookings, but this really was a first for us.  There were some big boys amongst them, and they took some filling - for breakfast 4 eggs with a Full English, plus cooked lunch and evening meals.  They must have enjoyed their stay, as we even got a mention during the commentary at the Arena.  We spent a very interesting few days, watching the best in the world show off their skills - Australia won gold, USA silver.  Not all time was spent training, they did manage to relax in the hot tubs, be massaged by our visiting therapist, Julia at Pure Thyme (that was a first for her as well - whole teams to treat), and even visit some local sights during their stay, being very impressed by Witley Court and Church,which is  only on our doorstep!  Photos of all the teams are on our Facebook page.

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Team USA
Team USA