21 Apr 2015 12:00

New Additions

Spring has well and truly arrived, everything is starting look fresh and green, the blossom is out and the apple blossom is just starting to burst.  Ideal weather for walking holidays, sunny, clear and dry underfoot.  We have had quite a few walking parties recently, making use of our pick up and drop off service.  The Worcestershire Way footpath being favourite.  

The ducklings which we hatched out in time for Easter are growing well.  Hopefully it will stay nice and warm, we can get them off the heat and outside in the fresh air, so they can go and play in the water.   We have now got two Kune Kune pigs, which have really made themselves at home.  They get very excited when they see people, as that usually means they will be spoilt with food.

Our new mobile friendly website has gone live today.


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Ready to Walk Worcestershire Way Spring morning looking over front pool Kingfisher Lodge Frosty morning, lower pool
Ready to Walk Worcestershire Way