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02 Jul 2014 12:04

The fishing season has started, with quite positive reports.  Everyone who has stayed has caught, mainly chubb but some barbel, the largest so far 13lb at Broadwas, the biggest problem accessing the banks due to the vegitation.  We have been very c...

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18 Jun 2014 11:45

Summer seems to have got off to a good start, lovely weather and lots of guests.  We have just said goodbye to a party from Finland who spent a week of visiting gardens and local attractions, only to welcome 26 French children and their teachers on an ...

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06 May 2014 19:42

Lots happening in the area, but the largest event will be the Spring Garden Show at Malvern this weekend.

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Heron Lodge

Springtime at Pitlands Farm

23 Apr 2014 11:34

Latest News and Pics of Spring at Pitlands Farm

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Spring has arrived.

05 Apr 2014 13:28

Suddenly this week the views have changed.  The daffodils are out and some going over, the plum and damson blossom has appeared, the leaves a starting to appear, but best sight and sound of all -  the lambs  running around - sure sign spring has arrive...

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27 Mar 2014 15:58

We have been very busy the past few weeks doing some alterations to Heron Lodge, making it a bit different to the others.  It now has a balcony leading off the front upstairs bedroom, wilth lovely views down the Teme Valley. As we seem to get more mult...

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Therapy treatments

07 Mar 2014 20:46

We are going to be having a new therapist joining us in the early summer.  Julia Haywood who lives in Clifton will be basing herself here when she qualifies. She will be offering a number of treatments including Indian head massage, reflexology and Swe...

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16 Feb 2014 12:08

Thank you to everyone who has taken the trouble to contact us to see how we are all coping at Pitlands.  We have been so lucky, lots of rain like everyone else, loads of mud but fortunately the River Teme hasn`t flooded, it came to the top of the banks...

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28 Jan 2014 14:41

Christmas seems to be in the dim and distant past.  We are full and the moment with people booked in for a month from caravan parks.  Many of them are returning guests and can`t believe their luck in staying a whole month without ice and snow.  That ce...

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Happy New Year

31 Dec 2013 14:44

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas, our best wishes to you all for a Happy and peacefull New Year.

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