Start of summer

24 Jun 2015 15:22

New chicken pen.

New chicken pen is under construction, ready for the new chickens we will have to buy after a visit from Mr. Fox.  Two workers and three foremen.

After the successful duck hatching, the Indian Runners, Call ducks and Appleyards have now made themselves very much at home, as have the wild Mallards, their ducklings, Moorhens and their young.  All inviting themselves into the duck pens for lunch, tea and supper.  No wonder the food consumption is increasing.  

The summer bookings are going extremely well, with just a few weeks available in the lodges and bungalows.  Chaff House is now back for holiday bookings, this is a small character cottage sleeping 2 which has availability throughout the summer, 

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2 workers 3 foremen
2 workers 3 foremen