Spring is Springing?

12 Mar 2013 11:44

We saw a hint of Spring at the end of February with a couple of days of blue skies and glorious sunshine..  It seems to have stalled somewhat with some snow and a couple of "white-out's" yesterday - Managed to get a few pics of fishermen braving the blizzards...see more on Facebook.  

 However, there are a couple of signs that Spring is around the corner.  

A few nights ago when it was slightly warmer...we had dozens of frogs coming down the drive on their journey from the woods to the pools.   The lucky ones made it and we already have frogspawn in the pools.

Also, the crocus and daffodils are emerging slowly all around Pitlands Farm..promising us a beautful display in the next couple of weeks.  We will post photos when they do!


More images...

Fishing weather? March White Out
Fishing weather?