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End of Summer

18 Sep 2013 12:57

What a wonderful summer we have had at Pitlands Farm..  Weather was perfect with so much happening in the area.  The sauna hasn`t been used once, but the hot tub has certainly been in demand. With the children back at school, there is a sudden change i...

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Summer Holidays

01 Aug 2013 13:50

There seems to be so much to do round and about - Burwarton Show today a lovely one day show in the heart of the country - what a difference to last year, it had to be cancelled because of the rain and floods, this year they say we should get a high of...

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New Accommodation at Pitlands!

New accommodation!

18 Jul 2013 06:24

Busy time at Pitlands with a Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb nearby and Scouts camping...

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Busy Weekend

06 Jul 2013 12:19

There seems to have been so much happening both at Pitlands Farm and locally.  We have got a real diversity of guests - competitors in Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb, fishermen, a lady doing a silversmithing course locally, the Clifton scouts doing a charity...

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Mid Summers activities at Pitlands Farm

24 Jun 2013 15:27

A round up of news from Pitlands Farm: 29 ladies delivered! New pics and special occasions..

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Apple Blossom at Last!

22 May 2013 10:06

Apple Blossom at last in the Orchards of Pitlands Farm!

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Sarah - our first Bride of 2013.

Love is in the air!

29 Apr 2013 11:53

Love has been around Pitlands Farm this weekend!

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Pitlands Daffodils

Spring sunshiney pics!

25 Apr 2013 15:44

Here are a few Spring Sunshiney pics of Pitlands Farm! Enjoy..

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First sign of summer?

14 Apr 2013 18:31

They say one swallow doesn`t make a summer, but suddenly about a dozen flew in this morning  - how nice to see them back.  Also there have been a pair of Red Kites circling above the orchards, hopefully they will be nesting nearby.

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Fishing weather?

Spring is Springing?

12 Mar 2013 11:44

We saw a hint of Spring at the end of February with a couple of days of blue skies and glorious sunshine..  It seems to have stalled somewhat with some snow and a couple of "white-out's" yesterday - Managed to get a few pics of fishermen braving the bl...

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