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11lb plus Carp

Regular visitor catches 11lb+ Carp

19 Sep 2013 15:17

Pete has been coming on holiday for the past 14 years. His sight has always been very poor, but unfortunately now he is totally blind. This is his first year with Amelia his guide dog, and with the help of nephew Brian showed he hadn`t lost his touch catching an 11lb + carp.

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End of Summer

18 Sep 2013 12:57

What a wonderful summer we have had at Pitlands Farm..  Weather was perfect with so much happening in the area.  The sauna hasn`t been used once, but the hot tub has certainly been in demand. With the children back at school, there is a sudden change i...

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Summer Holidays

01 Aug 2013 13:50

There seems to be so much to do round and about - Burwarton Show today a lovely one day show in the heart of the country - what a difference to last year, it had to be cancelled because of the rain and floods, this year they say we should get a high of...

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New Accommodation at Pitlands!

New accommodation!

18 Jul 2013 06:24

Busy time at Pitlands with a Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb nearby and Scouts camping...

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Busy Weekend

06 Jul 2013 12:19

There seems to have been so much happening both at Pitlands Farm and locally.  We have got a real diversity of guests - competitors in Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb, fishermen, a lady doing a silversmithing course locally, the Clifton scouts doing a charity...

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Mid Summers activities at Pitlands Farm

24 Jun 2013 15:27

A round up of news from Pitlands Farm: 29 ladies delivered! New pics and special occasions..

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Apple Blossom at Last!

22 May 2013 10:06

Apple Blossom at last in the Orchards of Pitlands Farm!

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Sarah - our first Bride of 2013.

Love is in the air!

29 Apr 2013 11:53

Love has been around Pitlands Farm this weekend!

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Pitlands Daffodils

Spring sunshiney pics!

25 Apr 2013 15:44

Here are a few Spring Sunshiney pics of Pitlands Farm! Enjoy..

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First sign of summer?

14 Apr 2013 18:31

They say one swallow doesn`t make a summer, but suddenly about a dozen flew in this morning  - how nice to see them back.  Also there have been a pair of Red Kites circling above the orchards, hopefully they will be nesting nearby.

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