Mid Summers activities at Pitlands Farm

24 Jun 2013 15:27

A round up of news from Pitlands Farm: 29 ladies delivered! New pics and special occasions..

Mid Summers activities at Pitlands Farm in pictures! 

Ian and John have been building a new chicken house as 29 new chickens have been delivered and waiting for their new home!   You can see Ian on the roof dodging the rain showers and John building another bit of the frame.   The ladies will reward us with lots of eggs soon hopefully.

John acted as chauffeur to his niece and friends a couple of weeks ago...see pics of them in their 'limo' on the way to their prom.  You can tell from John's face he was in his element!

Also, a few pics of some of our guests enjoying some peace and quiet by the lake, fishing and reading... oh and one of Merlin, the goat, enjoying the sun amongst the buttercups!





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