28 Jan 2014 14:41

Christmas seems to be in the dim and distant past.  We are full and the moment with people booked in for a month from caravan parks.  Many of them are returning guests and can`t believe their luck in staying a whole month without ice and snow.  That certainly hasn`t happened over the past few years.  Hopefully the predicted bad weather for the end of the week will miss us, or Ian will be clearing the drive so they can return home.  The bags of salt we bought before Christmas are still unopened.  Everything is so wet, we can`t get up into the fields to tidy the orchards, the wind has brought down so many branches and trees, but the flooding seems to have missed this part of Worcestershire.  The daffodils and snowdrops are just starting to break through the ground and there are still so many berries left by the birds on the trees, although they keep eating the fat balls and peanuts.