Group Bookings

16 Aug 2016 16:31

Family get-together

Pitlands was an ideal venue for a family to reunite from all points of the world, before they all got too old to travel - their words, not mine.  The family booked all the properties to return to Clifton on Teme, to recreate memories of their parents who used to live in the village.  They had a wonderful time with all the different generations, inviting friends and relatives to visit whilst they were here.  It was party time on Sunday,  with a BBQ for about 40 - people they hadn't been able to see in years.  Full use was made of the function room, as they could all congregate there either during in the day or evening, swapping  photos and memories.  They even brought their guitar and keyboard.  Booking everything ensured that no-one else was disturbed, and they all had their independence.  A good time was had by all.