16 Feb 2014 12:08

Thank you to everyone who has taken the trouble to contact us to see how we are all coping at Pitlands.  We have been so lucky, lots of rain like everyone else, loads of mud but fortunately the River Teme hasn`t flooded, it came to the top of the banks, started spilling into the fields and then started to drop and has continued to do so.  Today we have got beautiful sunshine, the snowdrops and crocuses are out, it is a different world to last Friday when you couldn`t see to the pool for driving rain, sleet and hardly stand for the wind.  When it is windy down here, you know it must be terrible in Clifton on Teme.  The people in Worcester must be so relieved to know the water level is dropping, but every effort has been made by the authorities to try and keep the traffic flowing and the town open. The cricket ground as usual is under water, and I think they have got their first match sometime in March.