End of Summer

18 Sep 2013 12:57

What a wonderful summer we have had at Pitlands Farm..  Weather was perfect with so much happening in the area.  The sauna hasn`t been used once, but the hot tub has certainly been in demand. With the children back at school, there is a sudden change in visitors - couples and fishermen. The fishermen will welcome the recent rain to help top up the low rivers.

The swallows are lining up on the telegraph wires ready for their long flight.  The apple trees are absolutely loaded, unlike last year when we only picked four boxes.  Guests have been going home with plums, apples and any other surplus produce we have. 

We are starting to get bookings for Christmas and New Year, and quite a few for next year already, a lot of them repeat bookings, including the school French exchange children - its lovely to be able to welcome return visitors.