Autumn News

28 Nov 2013 14:36

Is it really nearly December?

Nearly into December and we have mowed all the grass, surely that must be for the final time!  We don`t remember ever doing it so late in the year before.

Harvesting continues and we have picked over 1lb raspberries this week although the first frist this week will have finished those off now.  We have bought a small fruit press and tried our hand at making some apple juice - it really was delicious.  Now we have to find an easy way of preserving it, as there is only so much you can drink at one time.

Cider next, to go with the cherry brandy, sloe and damson gin which were the fruits of the summer.   This year we didn't do anything exciting with the plums -  just frozen them ready for B&B next year.

Almost time for us to put up the festive decorations for our Christmas guests in the Lodges.  The outside ones will have to wait a bit longer as there are still so many leaves on the trees - some haven't even changed colour yet. 

Look out for pics of our decorations around the farm soon!